TJ prints local school’s cookbook

TJ prints local school’s cookbook
13th Dec 2017

The final book

Brannel School in Saint Austell approached TJ International with idea of printing a Christmas themed recipe book. We chat to catering teacher, Gerogia Byrt, about this fantastic cookbook.

Where did the idea come from to create the Brannel’s 12 Bakes of Christmas?

We have a challenge program at Brannel School, where our students take on 6 week challenges in a chosen area. As it is the lead up to Christmas the students wanted to create a book that would demonstrate their cooking and literacy skills. After going through with the students different formats and what to cook we found that they had enough ideas to fit in with the Christmas song.

What is the plan for the book. Are they Christmas gifts or are you planning to sell them?

The plan for the books are to be sold at the Christmas Fair on the 13th December to the students, parents and community.

How were the recipes decided and how long did it take you to put the whole book together?

The students were given time to research and find recipes that they liked the look of and would be suitable for a child’s cookbook. Each session was 75 minutes long that the students were able to cook. In total the recipes, baking and book design took 5 weeks of 75 minutes.


How do the students feel about having their handiwork printed in a real book?

The students are all very excited for their work to be in a real book, they all want to purchase the book and if they are unable to attend the Christmas fair they have requested to have one put back for them.

In terms of the production of the book, it’s look, the size etc., what was important to get right?

The students decided that it needed to be clear enough for younger students to understand. They wanted the book to be child friendly and have the right images inside. The size was recommended to us and the amount of pages by Angus.

We are all very happy with the results and would like to thank TJ International very much.


“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Brannel School on their student cookbook. TJ are passionate about supporting the local community and this book was a true delight from start to finish.” – Angus Clark