TJ International Internship: Meet Holly

TJ International Internship: Meet Holly
22nd Aug 2017

This summer we welcomed Holly Weeks to the business. She carried out a month long TJ International internship learning the basics of the printing and publishing industry. We’ve caught up with her to see how it went.


Tell us a bit about yourself.


I have lived in Cornwall my whole life, up until I moved to Wales to start my degree at Cardiff University. Although I really love living in Cardiff, I always look forward to coming back home every once in a while for a walk on the beach and a couple of pasties!

I am about to start my third and final year studying English Language which I am really looking forward to – both in terms of learning the content of my new modules, as well as graduating and beginning my career. Spending time with my friends outside of uni work is another thing I enjoy, finding coffee shops and parks to walk around, but when I have time to really switch off from the world, I love to lose myself in a book – something which rarely happens during term time – my to-read list is never-ending!

I also run my own little blog, which offers advice to students on surviving university, recommendations for cafes, days out, and places to visit, as well as my thoughts and feelings on various topics.


Why did you decide to do a TJ International internship and what tasks have you been given?


I was really excited to begin my internship as I was intrigued to learn more about the publishing process and I knew that getting a placement with TJ International would give me some proper insight to the way the company and process on a whole, works. I am particularly interested in the Editorial and Marketing areas, as they are linked to my studies, and I hoped that gaining some hands-on experience would help me discover whether this is an industry I’d like to pursue as a career once I’ve graduated next summer.

I’ve been tasked with a number of copy-editing and proofreading jobs which I’ve loved – reviewing and analysing language is something I’m really passionate about. I’ve enjoyed these tasked perhaps the most and I’d love it if I were able to continue this line of work by finding some freelance work this year and into my life as a graduate.

Researching advertising options is another task I was set. I worked on content for an upcoming event that TJ INK are holding. This has been an ongoing task throughout my TJ International internship which has been really rewarding. I have been able to watch my thoughts develop and my work succeed throughout the process.


What elements of the print and publishing industry are you most interested in?


Although I came to TJ International with a desire to learn about the whole process of self-publishing, I was particularly interested in learning about the relationship between the author and the company, and the different services authors can receive to make their book exactly as they want it. I was also really looking forward to seeing the different ways books and authors can be promoted, as well as how the company maintain their own promotion and utilise resources to keep themselves visible to potential clients.


What have you learnt during the month?


I have learnt a lot and not just in the areas I was really intrigued by, but in other aspects of the printing process too. Being shown around the factory floor and seeing books at different stages of creation has given me a strong overview of the whole print and publishing process.

I also think that completing the internship has allowed me to grow in confidence – being set tasks in areas which are new to me has stretched me, but I have worked quickly and effectively and have consequently learnt a lot about myself and my capabilities.


How do you see the industry evolving?


I have no doubt that the industry will continue to evolve in the following years – perhaps in ways we could never predict – not just as a result from changes in technology, but also in how people spend their time and leisure.

Audio and eBooks have added an extra dimension to the way people access their books, but people’s interest in books, regardless of form, appears unchanging. Nevertheless, I think it will be interesting to see how new technology allows digital books to develop further. I’ll also be interested to see how advertising and book promotion changes as our lives become more digitised, affecting the way publishers and clients interact and the relationship between author and reader.


Where do you see yourself in five years?


What has been clear for me, having completed my TJ International internship, is that this is the industry I’d love to pursue a career in. In five years, I’d love to be succeeding in a successful job in publishing. It would be an exciting and enjoyable area to continue in, which although challenging, would be really rewarding.

Whether for me that means Cornwall, Cardiff or elsewhere in the country, I will always be thankful to TJ International for giving me this wonderful opportunity and helping me develop myself, my skills, and my knowledge from this experience.




If you’d like to check out Holly’s brilliant blog, click here.