TJ Awarded Prestigious Seal of Excellence

TJ Awarded Prestigious Seal of Excellence
22nd Sep 2011

Four companies have become the first to receive a BPIF Seal of Excellence, a new certification aimed at helping printers show their customers how they have been improving their performance in three crucial areas: Human Resources, Health and Safety and Environmental Management.

TJ International were awarded the Seal of Excellence for Environment, at a special ceremony held at the House of Lords in Westminster, during BPIF’s Members day on 14th July 2011.

Angus Clark, Chief Executive, has no doubts about the merits of the seal TJ has won. “It’s the ultimate kudos,” he said, “the pinnacle of success that is clearly differentiating us from our competitors.”

Angus said he wanted to go through the process not just “to provide our clients with unassailable reassurance they have an extremely professional partner,” but also “to provide our people with the recognition they so richly deserve”.

Working towards getting the seal was not particularly arduous, partly because we already have competent systems in place. “Getting the seal wasn’t particularly time consuming or any more challenging,” said Angus. “It’s simply the way things are done at TJI – a reflection of a culture that’s deeply embedded in the business.”