Meet Sara

Meet Sara
23rd Feb 2018

How long have you worked at TJ International?

21 years, since October 1996.

What daily duties do you carry out in your role?

Looking after schedules, raising works instructions, building relationships with my clients and ensuring that their order is printed correctly.

What do you like best about your job?

I like working at TJ for its variety. Each book is different and I love it when I get great feedback from a client who is happy with their books.

What challenges do you come across with your job?

Sometimes books can have a tricky spec – individually numbered wallets, or stickers – which can take a bit of extra time, but it always feels good when it’s finally accomplished.

What personal and/or professional achievements are you proudest of?

I had my hair cut off to raise money for The Little Princess Trust. I also have my name printed in the acknowledgements page of two different books that I carried out historical research for.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

Historical research, motor racing, watching rugby and cricket, knitting, and fishing. Naturally, I also have a deep passion for books.

Having lived in Cornwall for most of your life, what makes it special to you and do you have any favourite places you like to visit?

I left Cornwall to go to university and do a course in Print and Publishing at Watford University. If it hadn’t have been for my love of the sea, I wouldn’t have returned to Cornwall. I just love being by the ocean down here. One of my favourite beaches is Harlyn Bay. I also really enjoy the company of the people down here – there are a lot of unique characters!

We know you’re a huge fantasy book lover. So, if you were stuck on a desert island and could only take books by either George R R Martin or Terry Pratchett, who would you choose?

Terry Pratchett, but I would prefer Tolkien.